A Double Yolk Egg

A great way to start each day!

A great way to start each day!

I never get tired of walking out to the coop to collect eggs.  It still amazes me that a chicken can create this incredible work of art every day and wrap this “gift” in its own protective packaging.  To my knowledge, no other earthly creature has the ability to do this.

And, as if I wasn’t impressed enough, “the girls” have occasionally set the bar a lot higher by creating double yolk eggs.

Double yolks generally only occur during the first few months when a young pullet begins to lay eggs.   At this time, her reproductive system is not quite “firing on every cylinder” and two ovaries occasionally join up to create one egg.  I would think that this is a painful lesson because the eggs are huge.  With that said, you will have no trouble identifying a double yolk egg before you crack it open.  You may even have difficulty getting it to fit into your egg carton!



Two for One!

Two for One!

I haven’t receive a double yolk egg in the last few months and I don’t suspect that I’ll get another.  “Ladies”, I’m content to receive your daily offering of single yolk eggs.  There’s no need to impress me further!


14 thoughts on “A Double Yolk Egg

  1. Thanks for this lesson…it really is amazing how God created the chicken to lay eggs. People study packaging science but never come up with a better package than the egg shell! I didn’t realize that double yolks were from “confused” ovaries.

  2. I get so excited when I get a double yolker! I feel like I’ve won the lottery. 🙂 I have had three so far. Yay!

  3. It’s so rare to see a double yolk, that it’s always a fun surprise. Thanks for the info on why they are double. We had chickens many years ago and really enjoyed them, especially the banties.
    Visiting from The HomeAcre Hop,

  4. None of mine have yet laid one of these but I have little black hen that lays the HUGEST egg. I am so worried one will get stuck one day. I must read up on whether a large egg size is expected of an Australorp x Isa Brown.

    • HI Fiona,
      Don’t worry too much about the hen passing the egg. One of my ISA Browns lays an extra large every day. Some days it’s so big, I can’t close the egg carton all the way.

  5. Dear City Boy Hens! Thank you so much for the information about Double Yolk Eggs…I suspected it was something like this but never knew these eggs were bigger than the regular. Call me weird, and I know for a fact there is nothing wrong with them…but I just can’t eat them when I crack them and get the “impressive surprise” lol…I know shame on me…poor chickens lol

    • Hi Lizy,
      Thanks for your comments. Why not try looking at the double yolk egg as an opportunity to get twice as much of the good stuff in one egg. Kind of like a bonus.

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