Saturday Morning Coffee & Quail Eggs

8  Quail eggs

8 Quail eggs

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to hook up with Jill from  I  came across Jill’s blog last September when I was thinking about how to winterize my previous coop.  Since the Autumn, Jill & I have communicated on a regular basis and have shared a lot of information.  As you all know, it is great to be able to share with people who have similar interests.  It is not only a great way to gather knowledge, but also one that imparts inspiration.  Jill has definitely inspired me to think “outside of the box” in many areas and I am grateful for knowing her & Kevin.

Late last year, Jill told me that she was considering getting some quails to add to her urban farm.  If I remember correctly, the rational for this was that her hens were getting older and no longer laying as many eggs.  It turns out  that quails are egg laying machines and start laying at around 6-8 weeks of age. Check out her post at for more information on raising quails.

So off I went to Jill and Kevin’s home to trade some eggs, exchange a few items and snap a few photos that I needed for a “wing clipping” page on my blog.  ( I needed a picture of a hen that had not had her primary wing feathers clipped and my hens were all done last year)  Thanks Kevin… This is the best pic. on my blog!   Maybe it has something to do with your profession!

Thanks Kevin!

Thanks Kevin!

Throughout the past week, amidst several bouts of shoveling,  I looked forward to enjoying those eggs with a cup of coffee on Saturday morning. Well…my belly is now full as I write this post. Those eggs were not only beautiful to look at, but packed with flavour. I can now honestly say that I have a NEW PERSONAL BEST in the egg eating category.  It now stands at 8!.

8 Sunny- Side Ups!

8 Sunny Side Ups!

I just might forget to mention that they were quail eggs!

Thank you Jill & Kevin