The BEST Sign That Your Hen is DONE Molting!

018I’ve been bragging about my chickens for over a year to pretty well anyone who will listen.  It has definitely become my favorite obsession!  The talk always turns to egg production and I start spelling off about how great these 3 sex-link hens are at pumping out eggs almost every day.   Well…low and behold, …..doesn’t Honda, our starting pitcher, stop laying eggs!

At first, I  thought it was a temporary slump.  Every Major League pitcher gets in a rut from time to time and maybe Honda just needed a bit of a rest from producing those large brown eggs each day.  But,… the days turned into  weeks, my concern continued to grow and the number of eggs in the egg carton continued to dwindle.  In  a momentary lapse of judgment, I even consider rationing my 83-year-old neighbor from the 3 farm fresh City Boy eggs that she receives each week.  Okay…listen……..before you start sending those off-color comments, I’ll have you know that I dismissed this panicked thought and Philomena continued to get her eggs.  Let’s just file that one under   “concerned ‘father’ not thinking too clear”.

Anyways, as the days turned into  weeks and my anxiety continued to grow, it was finally determined that Honda was in the process of molting.   Well…..7 long weeks later I am happy to report that my starting pitcher is back in business!  This morning I went out to the coop and there, nestled in some wood shavings, was THE BIGGEST FREAKIN’ EGG I HAVE EVER SEEN at City Boy Hens! 003 This egg is ginormous!  It weighs in at just under a quarter of a pound and is over 3 1/2  inches long.   Though I am not a Mother and I  did not give birth to our two children, I feel I may have enough common sense rattling around in my head to know that this must  have hurt like hell!

“Ok Honda……..listen…….you don’t need to be making up for lost time.  I understand  you feel that you may have let City Boy Hens down in the last 7 weeks, but rest assured, you couldn’t have helped it!  You ARE suppose to molt and take some time off in the process.  Don’t you be worrying that Philomena never got her 3 fresh eggs each week.  Rosie and Swiffer had you covered.  But, more importantly, don’t you be worrying that Swiffer is trying to move up in the rotation and dreaming of becoming the starting pitcher at City Boy Hens.  Sure, she hasn’t missed a day of laying in the last 5 weeks, but between you and me, she doesn’t have what it takes.  Besides,……look at the way that crazy hen is always acting…….laying those eggs in the garden, sometimes doing the “egg-song” at 5:30 am……..she’s crazy I tell you!  But more importantly, take a look at those Ping-Pong size eggs that she offers up to City Boy most days. They’re nothing compared to those beauties that you’ve made before.  Now,………. go hit the showers and take a nice long rest in a relaxing dust bath.  You’ve deserved it!

Oh….and Honda…….welcome back to the Majors………….  It tastes GREAT to have you back!044


23 thoughts on “The BEST Sign That Your Hen is DONE Molting!

  1. As a kid growing on a farm, my mom and I would always speculate whether a ginormous egg like this beauty was a double or triple yolker. There was always much excitement leading up to the cracking open part to see what it yielded, and some brief disappointment if it had just a single yolk.

  2. I love how much you love your hens. We have four Brown Shavers and their egg laying abilities and antics add an extra dimension to our daily lives. Nice that after a rest the egg laying is back in full swing.

  3. Holy crap! That IS a big egg! Our Lucy (a Welsummer who lays gorgeous brown speckled eggs) has been molting for it seems like months. Not one single egg from her! Hoping hers ends soon – for some reason we always fight over her eggs haha…
    Do you know if roosters molt? Our “Bob” seems to be looking pretty frazzled this last couple of days – has lost most of his tail feathers, poor thing! Hopefully it’s just a temporary thing.

  4. Loved the article. I have 5 hens. 2 silver Wyandotts and 3dark brahmas. Started this year again with them, after many years of no chickens. Your creative writing is a fun read. I understand completely where your coming from. I love my girls too. And love Chickens mag. And Backyard chickens. Great job. One question , have you ever been to Eureka Springs Arkansas and bought art? If so, I sold you that art. Just curious. Anyway will follow your blog. I enjoy it.

  5. Wow, that is one big egg! An omelet all by itself, one might say. lol! Hopefully she will not have to bring them on like that every day. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. That is a huge egg! ouch! One of my hens lays eggs that are too big for the egg carton, but nowhere near this big. Thank you for sharing with the HomeAcre Hop; I hope you’ll join us again this Thursday.

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