Merry Christmas

019Well…’s definitely turned into a Merry Christmas at City Boy Hens.  We had our electricity restored late last night after almost 72 hours without power. I am soooooo grateful for the wood stove.  It helped keep Old Man Winter at bay as the outdoor temperatures stayed well below freezing (more on that in a future post).

Anyways…..the power outage prevented me from sending out a Seasonal greeting to all of you until now.  So….here goes….I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a 2014 that is filled with tons of fun!  Thanks for “following” my blog.  I’ve enjoyed the time that I have spent on it in the last 11 months.

So…with that said……the “long Winter’s nap” is looking pretty good right about now!  I hope you enjoy your Christmas Day!038 - Copy


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