Spring Spa Day At City Boy Hens

Well…Spring has FINALLY sprung at City Boy Hens.  After almost 6 months of Old Man Winter’s wrath, we are finally being treated to some warmer temps and with that comes……….some major free ranging for the “girls”.  Having 2 women in our house, I do my best to remember to “pamper” them from time to time and occasionally remember to bring home flowers or gift certificates for manicures, pedicures or foot messages.  So glad I am a guy!  What a lunch bag let down those would be to get as  gifts!

Anyways, as the chickens free ranged in the backyard last week, it kinda’ reminded me of a “pampered day” for Endearing Daughter and Beloved Wife.  And………no……… I’M NOT COMPARING MY DAUGHTER & WIFE TO CHICKENS!

So….with that said……here’s a Spring Spa Day at City Boy Hens:

First:  A Glorious Dust Bath In CB’s Garden!

024 - Copy

Second:  A Light Lunch Of Delicious Mixed Greens!

040 - Copy

Third: Soakin’ Up Some Rays On The Deck!


Fourth:  Work In A Relaxing Neck Massage!

062 - Copy


Fifth:  Catch An Afternoon Nap!


Welcome Spring.  I hope you’re here to stay!   You have surely been missed.  We’re all glad to have you back!



12 thoughts on “Spring Spa Day At City Boy Hens

  1. So glad you’re enjoying what we experienced a few days ago. Now it’s cold and windy again but the grass is green at least and it gives us hope the warmth is just a day away. Love to see your chickens, makes us want to get some again. We had one left before winter set in but gave her to a friend down the road who had three left so we were happy she would have company. Her new name is Magilicutty, she’s happy and so are we.

  2. Our girls here on the North Shore of Massachusetts are enjoying Spring also! They just love dusting themselves where ever they can – much to my husband’s dismay when they decide that the middle of the lawn is the perfect spot. I think it’s all of the ant holes that make the soil inviting – lots of sandy spots. I loved the pictures of you holding your hen – I do that too. I wonder what my neighbors think sometimes – but then again, I don’t really care! I love my hens!

  3. Wonderful post – love the chickens! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

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