A Sure Sign That Autumn Is On The Way

Man Oh Man!……..It’s been too darn warm for me.  I know……I know……….you’re gonna’ remind me about last Winter and that I should embrace this incredibly hot and humid weather because it’s gonna’ get cold again in the next few months.  But,………..I’m OK with the cold.  In fact I prefer it to hot.  I’d rather be wearing a warm flannel shirt and blue jeans than shorts and a T-shirt.  I’d also take an evening with the dry heat from my wood stove rather than the cooler air conditioned environment that I feel “trapped” in at the moment.   And…..I think the honey bees are thinking the same.

The last few nights, those bees have been finding it way too hot to snuggle up and cluster in the hive.  Instead,  there have been a lot of bees just hanging out on the “porch” trying to cool down.

Bearding Up

Bearding Up

But, ……..Autumn is on the way and the promise of flannel shirts, comforting bowls of hearty soups, and crisp juicy apples are just around the corner.  This, my friends, is the season that I look forward to the most.  And…..how do I know it’s coming?????? Well……..my Autumn Joy (Hylotelephium telephium ) is just starting to open up and my bees are having a blast!007 - Copy024 - Copy - Copy


4 thoughts on “A Sure Sign That Autumn Is On The Way

  1. I’m with you city boy hen. It’s been way too hot. However, I need about a bushel of those peaches you rave about. Can’t find them here in Louisiana. How can I purchase them?

    • Hi Pearl,
      I’d try a farmer’s market and see what peaches they recommend for canning. You don’t want a “free-stone”. They will get mushy. You need a “canning” peach because it will stay firm.. The down side is they are a bit challenging to remove from the pit, but the trade-off is a piece of “heaven” that won’t get mushy.
      Best of success.

  2. I have Autumn Joy as well! Three big healthy plants. Love them. Require very little water, look good all year and when everything else in the garden is looking a little tired, they bloom. How cool is that?

    I’ll take hot over cold any day. Any. Day. And yes, air conditioning is horrid. We’ve never had it in the house and I try to avoid it like the plague. (I hope El Niño doesn’t change your mind on the cold this year! I’m insulating all the sheds. I live in fear of a really tough winter.)

    Those are some handsome bees you have 🙂

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