How To Make Salami


Late Saturday afternoons in winter are a great time to put up your feet by the woodstove….have a glass of wine with a few homemade olives, a slice of cheese or two, and SOME HOMEMADE CITY BOY SALAMI.  I can’t think of a better past time on the weekend.  Well…I could, but I know that Beloved Wife would not like me gettin’ too personal on the blog.  Anyways…..If you’ve ever thought about making salami and were too intimidated by the process, than I hope you’ll continue to read on and see that it’s not that difficult to make great tasting salami.  If you’ve never thought about making salami before this post, than I hope I’ve “planted a seed” and you’ll take the plunge into the world of charcuterie.

So……….are you ready to learn how to make GREAT TASTING HOMEMADE SALAMI??????……………….IF YOU”RE READY………CLICK HERE!040


9 thoughts on “How To Make Salami

  1. I love Salami. Great recipe…! Thanks for sharing with your Farmgirl Pals… You know you are most welcome to come join the new Farmgirl Chit-Chat… Sorry to be so sexist with the title, We love you, you know that… so come on by and join us girls if you can stand being cooped up with that many chatty hens in one place! Deb

  2. I haven’t made salami before. Thanks for the great instructions. Thanks for linking to the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. Hope to see you next week.

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