Making Salami


With the Holiday Season now in the past and Winter boredom  beginning to grow, I think it’s time to get off the couch and make some salami.  If you love the taste of salami and are always looking to try your hand at a new food adventure, then I urge you to give this a try.  It’s really not that complicated.  I’ve taken a lot of the “guess-work” out in the link below.  If you want to give it a try CLICK HERE.





How To Make Salami


Late Saturday afternoons in winter are a great time to put up your feet by the woodstove….have a glass of wine with a few homemade olives, a slice of cheese or two, and SOME HOMEMADE CITY BOY SALAMI.  I can’t think of a better past time on the weekend.  Well…I could, but I know that Beloved Wife would not like me gettin’ too personal on the blog.  Anyways…..If you’ve ever thought about making salami and were too intimidated by the process, than I hope you’ll continue to read on and see that it’s not that difficult to make great tasting salami.  If you’ve never thought about making salami before this post, than I hope I’ve “planted a seed” and you’ll take the plunge into the world of charcuterie.

So……….are you ready to learn how to make GREAT TASTING HOMEMADE SALAMI??????……………….IF YOU”RE READY………CLICK HERE!040

Making Salami

018I have waited patiently over the last 4 weeks to taste the salami that Mike and I made 4 long weeks ago.  During the last 4 weeks, I have nurtured those “babies” in my cantina; making sure to provide the correct temperature and humidity that will create the right environment for curing these delicious insaccati treats.  Well…the tasting time arrived last night and I am proud to say….. “Home run!”

Week 4  8C  72RH

Week 4

It was definitely worth the wait and effort.  A big thank you to Don for all his patience in my emails during the last month.  As you fellow bloggers have discovered, we meet great people on our road to success.  Don, you were a great source of knowledge to me and I am grateful for your help.  I hope you take me up on the offer of a dozen fresh eggs from the “girls”.

If you would like a detailed explanation for making City Boy Salami click HERE.

Well….I can now tick off salami from my list of foods I want to make!  Maybe next year, we’ll try our hands at capicola or prosciutto.  Until then, I look forward to sharing these delicious treats with family and friends, over a glass of wine with some cheese and homemade olives.   Why don’t you give it a try and let me know how you made out with this great tradition from our past.