There’s NEVER enough time!

Part 1

Last week was a busy week at City Boy Hens and I have no one to blame but myself.  Dan the beekeeper gave me my first assignment and I was instructed to put together 2 hive bodies or “supers” as they are referred to by beekeepers.  It really was an easy job because most hive parts are sold pre cut and ready for assembly. 006 So off I went back down to the city and assembled my two supers in an about an hour. 010 Then I got to thinking……….I could make some supers from scratch and, while I’m at it, I’d  better make  a base and a hive cover as well…….And I still have a couple of  days before I have to go back up to the cottage……… so I might as well paint them all as well.  And before I knew it….I made my very first hive!  My wife often reminds me that I “sometimes” try to accomplish too much in too little time, but I reminded her that there is no way that my hive was going to fit into the van with the family, dog and chickens when we all go up to the cottage in a few weeks time. Well… I’m sticking to that story, though I don’t think she believes me!017On Sunday morning, I met up with Dan and brought my hive to its new home.  It will sit in his barn for a few weeks until we can purchase a few more queens and re-start the 2 other hives.

Dan’s two surviving hives are doing well and the bees are starting to bring in some pollen.  You can see the yellow pollen that is attached to the legs of the bee in the picture below.  This is a great sign that all is well with the bees.027

Part 2

This past weekend also presented itself with the opportunity to build our raised bed vegetable garden at the cottage.  It was also the annual Spring weekend with my two great friends from my high school days.  It was great to have their help, laughter and practical jokes for an entire weekend.  Thanks guys!  Your sweat was greatly appreciated!011



So…the week is over and a lot was accomplished in those blurry seven days.  Sometimes everything comes at once, but I know I’ll look back in the summer when the honey is a flowin’ and the garden is a growin’ and know that it was all worth while.  In the mean time, sleep is looking pretty darn good!


10 thoughts on “There’s NEVER enough time!

  1. Whoopee nice going .let me know when the bees are producing honey.I guess its in the Know that you’re bisnonno always kept chickens.congratulations from California.
    Aunt Mary

      • Loved all your recipes and pictures.I remember vividly my fathers cantina with all the sausage salami and prosciutto hanging from the ceiling.also zio terso making sausage his St Claire store home.I found it interesting to see variations in your cerscia and biscotti recipes.thanks for your blogs
        Aunt Mary

  2. If your hive ends up producing more honey than you can eat, consider making mead for your next project!

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